I’m Dr. Laura L. Walsh

Clinical Psychologist & ADHD Coach

Helping You Get Your

Life in Order


Life with ADHD

It is possible to live an easier life.  Perfectionism, frustration management, stress, and relationships are just a taste of what we’ll get aligned.

Work with ADHD

You’ve got good intentions and a project list a mile long.  Let me help you get some traction. Everything can run smoother by stacking the right skills.

Unlock Your Full Potential

You can do it on your own but will you?

Are you serious about getting your life in order?   Do you know the best systems that work for you?  That you’ll actually use?  You need practical skills that make an impact.  Get resources from a clinical psychologist and nationally recognized ADHD expert.  Feel the professional difference.

Slay the time horizon - accurately estimate the future.

Implement the organization system that works for you.

Deliberately make decisions and stop reacting.

Be effective at home, work, relationships and parenting.

Environment Organization

Changing the environment makes a difference.  Capture skills to declutter, make decisions, and reduce distractions.  You can find a place for everything.

Marriage & Friendships

Be a better friend and partner.  Develop listening skills, notice and respond to emotional bids, and stop the parent/child dynamic in your marriage.

Substance Recovery

A high correlation between substances and ADHD means a challenge to manage symptoms.  Support your recovery efforts with hard skills.

Work and Leadership

You’ve got good intentions and a project list a mile long.  Let me help you get some traction. Everything can run smoother by stacking the right skills.

What Is Clinical ADHD Coaching? Who is Coaching For?

Not everyone who struggles has a formal diagnosis of ADHD.  I know you because I *am* you. We all need a little help and accountability from time to time.  If you want to feel less stress and function more effectively in your life, ADHD coaching with a clinical psychologist will get you there.

Good Intentions at Work

Long term planning, procrastination and difficulty following through often lead to underperformance on the job.  Get the practical skills and develop your leadership potential.

Parental Struggles at Home

Other parents seem to manage it all so why can’t I?  Everything seems to take me so much longer and everything is half done.  Parenting with ADHD or parenting an ADHD child or teen is a special set of skills.

Married to ADHD

When you’re married to someone with ADHD, it can feel like everything you do gets undone.  Find out how to stop nagging without everything falling apart.

Entrepreneurship and Shiny Objects

Light bulbs constantly popping up in you head from so many ideas!  Figure out how to follow through without losing steam and getting bored.

In Recovery without Meds

Recovery from substance abuse is no joke.  Impulsivity and organization are even tougher after treatment – especially without meds.  Gain the skills you need to make life easier.

About Me

I’m Dr. Laura Walsh and I was diagnosed with ADHD at the tender age of 35.  I’m a clinical psychologist and coach. I’ve been solving ADHD problems for a decade.  A brain based “disorder,” I’ve got a different take on ADHD. Our brains are unique but problems only come when we’re trying to fit with the norm.  ADHD is a super power of creativity, ingenuity, and invention. We never stop humming.

This becomes problematic unless we learn how to harness this energy.  Low self esteem from negative messages, poor performance at work and school, and constantly feeling like you’re dropping the ball are all the signs of a poor environmental fit.  I can help. Hacking our interest-based nervous systems, I’ve learned the tricks to adopting new ways with the least about of hassle. Check out the resources page and when you’re ready, schedule some time with me online.  Welcome to the tribe!

Online Coaching Resources

Practical ADHD eBook

Whether you’re struggling to get yourself together or you’re a card carrying ADHD’er, strategies are no good unless you can actually do them.  

Essential ADHD Solutions

Educate, apply, and cultivate using the best ADHD resources available.  Learn skills to make your life easier.

Expert ADHD Coaching

When you’re ready to turn your insight into action, having someone along for the ride is the key.

Find Your Balance. Challenge yourself. See the Results.  Take Your Rewards.

You can do all these tasks alone but when will you?  I’ll keep you on track and help you overcome barriers to success.  You’ll get immediate relief as we’ll stack strategies according to your schedule.  We’ll leverage other parts of your life and make skills meaningful to you. I move at your pace, tackling the real life issues that stand in your way.  As you gain confidence, you’ll naturally build your own resources.

Are you ready to get your life in order?  I’m waiting for you.

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