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Frequently Asked

Do I have to have ADHD to be coached by you?

No.  ADHD is merely a diagnostic label.  It’s more important to work on symptoms and struggles.  How you’re doing in life or work matters more.

Can you be my coach and my therapist?

Coaching and therapy are two different ways of working together.  I do both and can help you decide which makes more sense for us.

What is a clinically trained ADHD coach and why does this matter?

Many coaches are trained to coach but not treat.  As a clinical psychologist with ADHD, I’ve helped scores of clients in therapy.  Research and real life experiences create a richly customized experience for you.

What ways help to offset the cost of coaching?

Though coaching isn’t covered by insurance, ADHD is a diagnosis covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  I can assist you in getting sessions covered by your HR department and writing off any costs on your taxes.

Do I need to qualify to be your client?

Not everyone needs a clinical coach and some people benefit from therapy first.  We’ll start with an assessment to get the best fit for both of us.

Online Coaching Resources

Practical ADHD eBook

Whether you’re struggling to get yourself together or you’re a card carrying ADHD’er, strategies are no good unless you can actually do them.  

Essential ADHD Solutions

Educate, apply, and cultivate using the best ADHD resources available.  Learn skills to make your life easier.

ADHD Coaching

When you’re ready to turn your insight into action, having someone along for the ride is the key.

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